Friday, November 7, 2008

Most Cruel - human

Fact is fact , truth is truth... can u think who is the most cruel species in this world...yup!... its us .... u n me an some like us.... today i was reading the newspaper sudden i read a news with a pic of a Dog -------- Someone in Parel, mumbai has made him blind using a stick of a iron rod....wao! salute to that man .... great deed... what else he can do to remove his frustration... that person might be facing some pain in life but can he be happy doing this act?
And now irony of this story is that it will remain a story forever , second the culprit is unknown , third our laws if a culprit is identified than he can be booked of value of only Rs 10 as a fine and in extreme case sentence of 2 yrs utmost, which again cannot happen in the case of Dog... hahaha
Doctor says that Dog may die soon because of this shock and generally they die by hitting their head in to some wall....... A Happy ending of a living being----- lets celebrate.....

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