Sunday, September 11, 2011

Writing Blogging Learning

Back to Blogging !

It becomes really tough to write something once you leave school and college.
I realized it when i joined a course in graphology and the tutor told me to write about myself.
I never felt such difficult situation even in my board exams as well. :)

I personally feel that, when you write something , you pen down your thoughts.
That gives a direction to your thoughts, your beliefs, you inner self.

Don't even i  remember, when last time i wrote a Inland letter or a postcard.
But writing is a nice thing, which require little it is required to,
sit and think think before you write even a word or sentence.

What i feel is, writing is a communication tool - A way of expression.
For example you clicked a pic and posted it on your FB wall or blog.
And most of your friends, don't know what to interpret out of it.
In that case, if you write a one liner caption, it a a great support tool to
what you want to express.

Writing is connecting to myself.
So a BIG YES to writing........

Sunday, January 10, 2010

पढ़े लिखे गवार - Forwarded emails

यह मेरा पहला हिंदी ब्लॉग है | पहला प्रयास कुछ हिंदी में लिखने का |
इसे लिखने के लिए मुझे मेरे तमाम दोस्तों ने प्ररित किया है, जो आए दिन मुझे ईमेल भेजते है | कभी अच्छे तो कभी घटिया |
मैं उन संदेशो की सराहना करना चाहूँगा, जो नए और रुचिकर होते है |
परन्तु मैं कर वर्षो से ऐसे ईमेल भी प्राप्त कर रहा हू, जिनका मूल उद्देश्य मुझे आजतक ज्ञात नहीं हुआ है | ये ऐसे ईमेल होते है, जिनमे लिखा होता है कि अगर ये सदेश पढ़ कर आप इस ईमेल को आगे १० या २० लोगो को नहीं भेजेंगे तो आप बदकिस्मत हो जायेंगे| लेकिन अगर आप इस ईमेल श्रंखला को आगे बढ़ाएंगे, तो आप किस्मत के धनी हो जायेंगे |

इस प्रकार के ईमेल के कुछ निम्नलिखित उद्देश्य हो सकते है :
१ . दूसरों का समाया बर्बाद करना |
२. ईमेल मार्केटिंग (विपणन) हथकंडे |
३. कोई उद्देश्य न होना, जैसा की कुछ पागल लोग किया करते है |

इन पढ़े लिखे पागलो से बचने की लिए, हमें कदम उठाने चाहिए | हालाँकि, मुझे जब भी इस प्रकार की ईमेल प्राप्त होते है तो मैं, कठोर शब्दों का प्रयोग कर, भेजने वाले को आगे से ऐसे ईमेल न भेजने का
आग्रह करता हू | अगर आपके पास भी इस प्रकार के घटिया सन्देश आते है तो, इनसे दूर रहे और इनको
बढ़ावा न दे |

साथ हे अगर इनसे मुक्ति पाने का कोई सुन्दर तरीका हो तो, हमें भी बताये |

Monday, December 28, 2009

Idea - A world by Artists

This is what i read when i was in my 8th or 9th class.

Just think!

If instead of Politicians, Artists - Painter, Singer, Dancer
Actors, Musicians, and Sculpturers etc would be given a
chance to make or develop world.

How beautiful it would be?
From the eye of painter --- World would be full of beauty of Nature & Animals.
From the eye of Musician-- Their would be good sound of People & Animals.
From the eye of Sculpturer- Best sculptures to decorate world.
From the eye of Actor ------Best communication among people.
From the eye of Dancer-----Entertainment and health to people.


The power of creative people in world, with out whom we are not complete.
These are the people who expects only one thing i.e Appreciation, not money
or jewelery.

Lets salute! and give them a chance.....

When we can give so many chances to these politicians, then why not to these
Amazing Artists!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gukta - Paan Peeks-- A solution

Q: What could be a solution if in your building, people are peeking pan masala at every nook and corner-- specially at staircases ?

Ans: Just paste posters of God and Goddess on walls, at every corner and see the result.

This way was adopted by some people and results are good.

Atleast people, who believe in God and have sentiments can be stopped in
increasing peeks and dirt in vicinity.

However for others, some other solution need to be created.....That is


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ethical v/s Unethical

I directly come to what i learned or what i understood of the Ethics in Business.

I think there are basically three kind of people
1. Hungry
2. Partial Hungry
3. Not at all hungry

Hungry says: " I will not mind stealing food or murdering someone to feed myself else i will die."

Partial Hungry says: " I will not mind stealing but murdering someone for food is not ethical."

Not at all hungry says: " Stealing & murdering both things are unethical."

The whole story of being ethical and unethical rotates around these 3 kind of people in business , in life, everywhere...

All are correct at there place-- Hungry is arguing as if he will not do stealing or murder for food, he will die, for partial hungry ethics is limited to some extent but for Not at all hungry both the things are unethical, he is saying so because he has most of the resources to keep him alive.

So how to keep the world alive and ethical

It is moral responsibility of Not at all hungry to help both the kind of people to survive. If he do so he is ethical else not, because he is having power. With little sacrifice of this man all 3 are surviving.

But in reality because of the greed of people, it rarely happens. Powerful will always target poors for their incapability and failure, however truth is that poor cannot improve as they lack resources which are in abundance with powerful people.

Apply it to current financial crisis or any social problem. i think we can find a solution of it and can survive and thrive.

With love to all

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Teri baniyan meri baniyan

If you have been in to any hostel or lived with your roommates in your life you may understand what i am going to discuss..


Yes its meri chaddi teri baniyan problem.

Well enough

Many a times it happens that when we wake up early and go to have shower -- woe begins.
Because question is "Which is mine baniyan and which is others." This question may create small feud too sometimes.

Its good that people have many options in terms of choosing Brands - Amul, Rupa, Calvinklein, Jockey, DKNY etc, which greatly helps to distinguish.

In general in hostel all people have almost same size of baniyaan like 90, 95 etc.
So it becomes a problem to find yours and it is the time when struggle of life begins for the day.

What would have happened, if there would be monopoly of a single baniyaan manufacturer- we wold have wasted many precious minutes of our life in searching our chaddi & baniyaan.

One of the solution to differentiate is to make a mark or small tattoo on all of your baniyaan, which will greatly help you and probably some one will say that "Ye to bada toing hai"

So go ahead chaps and make a mark.

Back Pain Twisted Vein

This blog is for those
who need help
who are suffering
who want a new life
If you have acute pain in your back (L4-L5 related) or other and you are planning to operate...
Wait a second

If u have Cervical pain in your neck and u feel difficulty to move it.
Wait for another second

If in your whole body you have disorder related to veins or bones.
Wait for one more second

Now your wait is over, your pain is over
Just visit a Man in a modern village BACHTOLA close to a place Hapud(near delhi) and basically in U.P (India)

If you visit that place and ask anyone he will guide you to that place else you can contact me for help too.

People go for surgery many times but do not get fruitful results, even doctors cannot guarantee you becoming well.

And the beauty is that that man do not charge anything, whatever you wish you can give him.

He helped me, my mom and relatives to come out of pain... you can too
Just try

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ship Stuck in Antarctica

Russian Icebreaker stuck in Antarctica.......WAO!

Good news is that everyone is safe as per news and 101 passangers are enjoying
there on board. Well actual conditions can be told by them only.
But i have always seen such things in movies only. I wish i can feel it one day.
Going to Antarctica and then disconnecting from the world for a while.
I also read that on board there are some BBC documentary filmmakers, who
are utilizing this time fully through 2 helicopters on it.
People must have good amount of foodding for delay of 7 days and we await their
return, so that we can see pics, videos that they shoot there, may be on NGC or Discovery.

If i would be there i must have been watching the beauty without blinking my eyes.
Floating ice, Ship, Penguins, White light, Sun rays, people and their behavior.

Lets wish luck to all the passengers, Captain Hlebnikov and his staff.
"Winds will favor you soon".

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thoughts of Pagal

People say he use to be a professor in IIT delhi, some said he got in to IAS and then left it. ( I don't know exactly)
I don't remember the name of the guy(Must be a 40+ in age) because i never said even Hi to him. What most i did was only smiled whenever he was ready with a new issue in his White sheet board, in which he used to write about issues like global warming, Gender equality, Politicians, Female foeticide etc.

He was most of the time visibly invisible but people can find his Banners and posters every nook and corner, on streets or wherever he finds appropriate place.
Initially i didn't observed him for days but being a tea addict i use to cross him many times a day, than..yes than i realised his presence and omnipresence of his thoughts.

The good thing was that i saw support of the shopkeepers and tea makers nearby, they many a times helped him, don't know how long.
Never understood his motto or what he wanted to do or why he is doing all these things? But definitely if got a chance will meet him in future and for sure will here his whole story.

One thing that amazed me was that he seemed to be very intellectual---He was fear less, He was FREE. Freedom really meant to him because he can promote his thoughts and i cann't. Somewhere we all are padhe likhe gawar-----use less with only selfish motive in life.

If u people get some time visit this place
Jawahar book depot
Ber sarai, may find him.
I hope he would be alive. Because i know surviving cold of delhi is not easy.