Sunday, June 14, 2009

Best Manager

Who can be the best manager.....

One of my college faculty told us that, when he was VP of a dept inxyz com,
there was a talented and good performer manager with excellent track
record, so he proposed his name for promotion.

the one higher authority was not agree to promote him.....

can u guess the reasoning....
It wa that----"The guy was not married"

And point of view of that authority was that -- a person who can well
manage his family can manage any company.(Because Company is nothing
else but a family itself).

So guys marry soon, if u r not getting promoted.
U will lose ur most eligible bachelors tag but u will definately
gain the respect.

Now u will argue that Mr. Abdul kalam(Ex President of India) and
Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee(Ex- PM of India), Ratan N Tata, were never married, still they
are successful....

Well , i must tell u

I dont want to argue .....with anyone
( The only difference is in point of view)


shilpa said...

thats the matter of fact and by the way good observation.

Whats in a Name said...

Hehe... thank god i m married now!!!!