Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beaware of Smart Debt Management

Many of us are wary of Debt

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But not everyone. Smart people do management this way..

Majnu wants Rs 50,000 and at the same time he dont wan't to pay any interest on it.
See full size imageHmmm....Idea ! See full size image

After little introspection Majnu realized that he has good networking and communication skill, so why not to cash on it.
He has 10 friends See full size image.So Majnu takes Rs 5,000 from each and meets his requirement of Rs 50,000.
Now Majnu intentionally forgets repaying that money, and whenever any of his friend asks for money he tries to avoid his friend but sometimes when he cannot avoid the situation, then he make a new friend and borrows another 5,000 and pays to the old friend. And this sequence goes on and on.

So all the time he has Rs 50,000 with him to enjoy, invest or anything.
To it we call
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Guys be aware of such friends and think twice before lending money.


Whats In A Name said...

Hey well said !!!!
This is something which every one should take care of!!!

PS: Pictures make your post loog really good!!!

itsakash4u said...

@ Manish

Dear thanx, But i stand no where in comparison to ur posts...:)