Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Ethical v/s Unethical

I directly come to what i learned or what i understood of the Ethics in Business.

I think there are basically three kind of people
1. Hungry
2. Partial Hungry
3. Not at all hungry

Hungry says: " I will not mind stealing food or murdering someone to feed myself else i will die."

Partial Hungry says: " I will not mind stealing but murdering someone for food is not ethical."

Not at all hungry says: " Stealing & murdering both things are unethical."

The whole story of being ethical and unethical rotates around these 3 kind of people in business , in life, everywhere...

All are correct at there place-- Hungry is arguing as if he will not do stealing or murder for food, he will die, for partial hungry ethics is limited to some extent but for Not at all hungry both the things are unethical, he is saying so because he has most of the resources to keep him alive.

So how to keep the world alive and ethical

It is moral responsibility of Not at all hungry to help both the kind of people to survive. If he do so he is ethical else not, because he is having power. With little sacrifice of this man all 3 are surviving.

But in reality because of the greed of people, it rarely happens. Powerful will always target poors for their incapability and failure, however truth is that poor cannot improve as they lack resources which are in abundance with powerful people.

Apply it to current financial crisis or any social problem. i think we can find a solution of it and can survive and thrive.

With love to all


Vinutha N said...

A very truthful depiction about the current business scenario .

I think it holds good for Indian economy as well where 'the rich get richer and the poor get poorer '

However sustainance in business precedes ethics at any point of time! I feel it is difficult to break the taboo.

Great Post !
Keep it coming :)

itsakash4u said...

@ Vinutha N
Thx for ur comment dear

Question is that who will bell the cats as there are so many cats to bell. hahah
keep commenting.

Aki said...

quite a noble and rational thought!!
good going..

insightbites said...

very nice n thought provoking article..Keep blogging