Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gukta - Paan Peeks-- A solution

Q: What could be a solution if in your building, people are peeking pan masala at every nook and corner-- specially at staircases ?

Ans: Just paste posters of God and Goddess on walls, at every corner and see the result.

This way was adopted by some people and results are good.

Atleast people, who believe in God and have sentiments can be stopped in
increasing peeks and dirt in vicinity.

However for others, some other solution need to be created.....That is


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Aki said...

Dear Akash

Posting a few posters of god can not stop such jerks from creating a social nuisance. You may be able to stop them, this way, in your society but certainly not in all other social places. This is a responsibility of one and all and the drive should come from within. It must be an instinct.
Anyhow, a nice first step to begin! keep the good ideas coming!!