Monday, December 28, 2009

Idea - A world by Artists

This is what i read when i was in my 8th or 9th class.

Just think!

If instead of Politicians, Artists - Painter, Singer, Dancer
Actors, Musicians, and Sculpturers etc would be given a
chance to make or develop world.

How beautiful it would be?
From the eye of painter --- World would be full of beauty of Nature & Animals.
From the eye of Musician-- Their would be good sound of People & Animals.
From the eye of Sculpturer- Best sculptures to decorate world.
From the eye of Actor ------Best communication among people.
From the eye of Dancer-----Entertainment and health to people.


The power of creative people in world, with out whom we are not complete.
These are the people who expects only one thing i.e Appreciation, not money
or jewelery.

Lets salute! and give them a chance.....

When we can give so many chances to these politicians, then why not to these
Amazing Artists!


Aki said...

nice thought, Akash!

Renu said...

But we must ask them first whether they want this chance?