Sunday, September 11, 2011

Writing Blogging Learning

Back to Blogging !

It becomes really tough to write something once you leave school and college.
I realized it when i joined a course in graphology and the tutor told me to write about myself.
I never felt such difficult situation even in my board exams as well. :)

I personally feel that, when you write something , you pen down your thoughts.
That gives a direction to your thoughts, your beliefs, you inner self.

Don't even i  remember, when last time i wrote a Inland letter or a postcard.
But writing is a nice thing, which require little it is required to,
sit and think think before you write even a word or sentence.

What i feel is, writing is a communication tool - A way of expression.
For example you clicked a pic and posted it on your FB wall or blog.
And most of your friends, don't know what to interpret out of it.
In that case, if you write a one liner caption, it a a great support tool to
what you want to express.

Writing is connecting to myself.
So a BIG YES to writing........


Jenu Sivaji said...

Good recharging urself... Keep Writing..

Poetic Soul said...

writing is connecting to yourself! :)
keep smiling - keeping writing - keep living!!!!