Friday, December 19, 2008


This time we had a Class decoration competition in our college under yearly event Konflux.
And its topic was 'Hope'. Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life.
Well in our class we represented each and every phase of life,
From birth of a child through his marriage to his old age.
We showed our naught hopes through various posters to enjoy and make fun of our lecturers,
Passionate hopes to propose someone and get response. hahaha
Hope for better future, better career and better life.
When judges came to our class we 55 students were together,
United to make our class win, we demonstrated a Skit too.
Waved heart shaped balloons. Beautiful moments!
Everyone is enjoying. I want to capture that moment in my mind.
Really beautiful, because everyone is working to make their
Class win, people work whole night to decorate class. We right
quotations on a large canvass. Even though everyone in my class is intelligent
and sharp enough to do things by his/her own but there are some who
worked more than their capability. I appreciate them.
I learnt many things from this event like
Team work, some moments that will not return in my life
and that ‘Hope’ is always there in life…………………
But apart from this event ……………………..
Now I came to know that writing about someone else is easy
But to write about ourselves is tough, really....

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