Saturday, December 20, 2008


It is a club in my college for social welfare of people in Mumbai.
I was never a part of it but today I don’t know what happened to
me, I just went to a school named Arvind Gandbhir High school, Jogeshwari, Mumbai, to teach
9th class students with my one friend. It was my first experience to teach someome,
however I did some creative activities , games and quiz
in class but during that 2 hours I came to know that
teaching someone is not so easy, because u have to speak speak all the time and should
be able to control the class – to be an attention centre.
Initially students were talking to each other just like what I do and have done
in my school days .But later I put some efforts and showed my leadership skills and managed to
entertain and teach those students. Most of the students are from below or middle class families.
They were little behind in terms of communication skills as compared to Public schools.
But some of them are very intelligent, what I thought that they need guidance to move in
life. I tried my best to give them motivation and a direction in life.
At the end of this session I felt very composed and satisfied and happy.
One another thing is that in an MBA college we do presentation and all but
what I did today can be a good way to enhance skills .

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