Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Walk & Talk

Walk & Talk is the idea of the Idea Cellular company.
According to their site if you walk & Talk for an hour
you can burn 240 calories.

What an idea sirji!

If this idea works than definately obesity will lose its ground,
specially in the case of girls & womens- as it is supposed that they
talk talk and talk.

Even politicians, sales managers, love birds of college and school
will get thinner.

Well apart from this the company is spending crores of rupees
for branding and advertising this idea.

As far now from branding point of view it seems to be good.
promotion is going on in TV commercials as well as Internet.

you can even upload your walk & Talk videos to promote their
campaign . You can even download jingle of it.

Well lets see what effect it will create when it comes to creating
new customer and retaining old ones.

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