Saturday, July 11, 2009

Mallya V/s Gandhi

Once again the debat is on -- What is right and wrong.

Since May 1961, liquor sale is banned in gujrat because it was a place that belongs to our "Rashtrapita" a.k.a Gandhiji.

But he is Rashtrapita of whole country than why not ban liquor in whole India.


How can we do so because if we do so , it will affect indian tourism industry as well restro & hotels.
Lots of people will get unemployed.
And even liquor barrons will get bankrupt.
probably all devdas of India may go for agitation too.

Now, what can be the solution?

Mallya has been proposing that gujrat should lift the ban on the sale of liquor in gujrat.
He is trying that since many years. And after the hooch tragedy in which more than 100 people
died after drinking poisonous liquor. Now once again he is pushing government for the availability of liquor in the state.

Well he will say so because he is having debt burden plus recession.


It will improve tourism in Gujrat so yearly revenue of state may increase by Rs 2500 crore.
And even people will not die just after drinking poisonous liquor. Actually they will take some time to die.

CRISIL- Country's leading rating and policy advisory company.

Someday even Finance minister may say that -- libralization of the availability of liquor in Gujrat is necessary to boost the economy.

Another question

If even after ban on liquor sale people are drinking, than what is the use of such rules.
i think rules are made to be broken.

So break them completely.
Let people decide whether they want to drink and die or life their life like a yogi.

Well i think we the people of India must laugh on ourself and take strong & right decision.

Annual consumption of wine, vodka kind of hard drink in India is more than 120 mn cases,
and that of beer is more than 105 mn cases.


Vijay Khaitan said...

Adulteration of liquor in Gujarat has taken more than 123 lives so far. How many more will die, I can't say. It has happened in the past, it happened now in Gujarat and it will continue to happen in future. Not only liquor, each and every food item that we consume is adulterated. The perpetrators of this crime are let off with simple fine

itsakash4u said...


ya, u r very true, from daal to medicine everything is adulterated.
Even if we will not meet aliens, probably they will be generated by us in the form of our coming generation.

Whats In A Name said...

Right said friend!!
It should be for the people to decide if they want to drink or not and not the politicians!!!

shilpa said...

i dont know whether they should ban liquor even if they do there is no harm

Mr. Pramathesh Borkotoky said...

Now, I know why Devdas was not a Gujarati