Friday, August 28, 2009

Biased world against Men

Why world is biased towards women?
Even today some educated people want a baby boy not a girl.
Some even do not celebrate......

But this is only one part of the story...

Women say that they are ahead of men in every task....(Almost true)

Look here

1. When it comes to placement, MNCs choose girls over boys. It is not so bcoz
boys are dumb but bcoz girls are girls.

2. In a life time a girl get more proposals than a boy could even thought of.

3. Even your best friend will curse you, if you say anything about his girl friend.

4. Girls get most of the ads in TV commercials as well as other media.

5. If a Man cries or shout on a road, may be no one will come for help but if a girls shouts.......u know...sab bhai log will come ahead.

6. 10 boys are always ready to die for a smile of a girl; but for a boy rarely a girl will ...

7. Girls even get preference in Bus, Trains when it comes to seats....uff...(Women should be preferred but why girls)

and the points goes on and on......

I am agains any kind of gender bias againt Man.....We need our haq....

Note: Above views are only for fun.. nothing personal about it and they are subjected to change any time. I am happy that i do not belong to a political party, else they might have thrown me out of that.

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Aki said...

LOL.. very well written Akash!
keep it up dude! :)