Saturday, August 22, 2009

Be a Good Actor !

Don't you think that to be a Successful, happy and lovable in life....
You must be a good actor !......Think again!

Try them out......

School & College

  • If u act and brand yourself in front of your teacher or proff. that you are sincere, intelligent( which you may not be actually) you would get their attention, affection and good grades.

Love Life

  • If you act like a jolly/passionate person( Which you may or may not), who is always their to make her girl friend/ wife love and laugh. She will love you like a mad. Some times you can make many girl friends toooo....just kidding.


  • Even if you don't like the color of shirt that your parents bought for you, you can say Wao!. Mom what a nice shirt(which may not be the case) and make her happy. Same is they case when they found a life partner for you.


  • If you act like a hardworking smart guy, who is very close to the boss and respects him alot. He will definately promote you.

New Interaction

  • When you saw someone and feels to hit him but you cann't then just give a nice smile. He/ she may fall in for your smile( Again advantage)

So start acting well or join acting classes to improve your life or watch more movies and plays to make yourself successful, lovable and happy.


Aki said...

Akash, it's true that you have to be an actor on the plot called 'Life' but I think that its better to be what you are rather than pretending what you are not. Once you someone to be someone else, they may always expect you to remain like that only for whole of your life, which you actually are not.

So, False impressions are easier to make, only maintenance is expensive..! :D

Well written buddy! good going!!

itsakash4u said...

thax 4 comment
Ya dear u r correct.
But what i have written is just a point of view. Nothing official about it!

Jenu Sivaji said...

yeah akash, u hav given a valid philosophy of acting..i think one need d skill to act or to become an actor. this skill u can get from experiences in different situations in life. yes u r right, of asking us to become a good actor in life.

and it is every person's responsibility to understand other person's feelings and assess the genuity of feeling lies in the skill of the person.

shilpa said...

ya thats true we act in our day to day life so well said and its true

itsakash4u said...

@ shilpa

Thanx dear for ur comment.

@ shivaji

Ya we need skill 4 every thing ..