Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back Pain Twisted Vein

This blog is for those
who need help
who are suffering
who want a new life
If you have acute pain in your back (L4-L5 related) or other and you are planning to operate...
Wait a second

If u have Cervical pain in your neck and u feel difficulty to move it.
Wait for another second

If in your whole body you have disorder related to veins or bones.
Wait for one more second

Now your wait is over, your pain is over
Just visit a Man in a modern village BACHTOLA close to a place Hapud(near delhi) and basically in U.P (India)

If you visit that place and ask anyone he will guide you to that place else you can contact me for help too.

People go for surgery many times but do not get fruitful results, even doctors cannot guarantee you becoming well.

And the beauty is that that man do not charge anything, whatever you wish you can give him.

He helped me, my mom and relatives to come out of pain... you can too
Just try