Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ship Stuck in Antarctica

Russian Icebreaker stuck in Antarctica.......WAO!

Good news is that everyone is safe as per news and 101 passangers are enjoying
there on board. Well actual conditions can be told by them only.
But i have always seen such things in movies only. I wish i can feel it one day.
Going to Antarctica and then disconnecting from the world for a while.
I also read that on board there are some BBC documentary filmmakers, who
are utilizing this time fully through 2 helicopters on it.
People must have good amount of foodding for delay of 7 days and we await their
return, so that we can see pics, videos that they shoot there, may be on NGC or Discovery.

If i would be there i must have been watching the beauty without blinking my eyes.
Floating ice, Ship, Penguins, White light, Sun rays, people and their behavior.

Lets wish luck to all the passengers, Captain Hlebnikov and his staff.
"Winds will favor you soon".

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