Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Complain mail to Adlabs

Respected sir/ Madam

First of all i thank you for opening many cinema halls all across Mumbai.
I am a regular visitor to your cinema halls for watching movie with friends.
For watching latest flick i generally visit Big cinema - R- city mall( Ghatkopar, Mumbai) and
Huma mall (Kanjurmarg, Mumbai).

My main concern is about your service. You provide same service at both of above mentioned
cinema halls but even than ticket rates are high in R-city Big cinema hall in comparison to
Huma mall for all the shows.For example:
( For night show in Huma you charge Rs 140 while in R-city it is Rs 200- Rs 250.)

Is it because i generally feel bad smell of mosquito pesticides in your Huma mall (Kanjurmarg) based cinema hall.
Which most of time takes away all the pleasure of watching movie on all seats available and causes neck pain too.
Please tell me the reason for huge price variation for the same service in all of your cinema halls.

It is a kind request to you to take some action regarding this, else probably i have to switch to PVR cinemas

Thanking you!

Your regular customer till today

Akash Bhardwaj

Note: This is a copy of the mail that i send them. Guys lets see what they reply.


Aki said...

That's a daring dude!
I guess, the variation in ticket rates may just be because of the location of the cinemas itself. R-City is a gigantic structure and hence, the upkeep cost will be, undoubtedly, high. (See, i'm almost ready for the corporate world.. :D)

Lets see what the reply is..

~*wILd chILd*~ said...

I hope you get a positive response. :)