Sunday, November 8, 2009

Thoughts of Pagal

People say he use to be a professor in IIT delhi, some said he got in to IAS and then left it. ( I don't know exactly)
I don't remember the name of the guy(Must be a 40+ in age) because i never said even Hi to him. What most i did was only smiled whenever he was ready with a new issue in his White sheet board, in which he used to write about issues like global warming, Gender equality, Politicians, Female foeticide etc.

He was most of the time visibly invisible but people can find his Banners and posters every nook and corner, on streets or wherever he finds appropriate place.
Initially i didn't observed him for days but being a tea addict i use to cross him many times a day, than..yes than i realised his presence and omnipresence of his thoughts.

The good thing was that i saw support of the shopkeepers and tea makers nearby, they many a times helped him, don't know how long.
Never understood his motto or what he wanted to do or why he is doing all these things? But definitely if got a chance will meet him in future and for sure will here his whole story.

One thing that amazed me was that he seemed to be very intellectual---He was fear less, He was FREE. Freedom really meant to him because he can promote his thoughts and i cann't. Somewhere we all are padhe likhe gawar-----use less with only selfish motive in life.

If u people get some time visit this place
Jawahar book depot
Ber sarai, may find him.
I hope he would be alive. Because i know surviving cold of delhi is not easy.

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