Sunday, November 29, 2009

Teri baniyan meri baniyan

If you have been in to any hostel or lived with your roommates in your life you may understand what i am going to discuss..


Yes its meri chaddi teri baniyan problem.

Well enough

Many a times it happens that when we wake up early and go to have shower -- woe begins.
Because question is "Which is mine baniyan and which is others." This question may create small feud too sometimes.

Its good that people have many options in terms of choosing Brands - Amul, Rupa, Calvinklein, Jockey, DKNY etc, which greatly helps to distinguish.

In general in hostel all people have almost same size of baniyaan like 90, 95 etc.
So it becomes a problem to find yours and it is the time when struggle of life begins for the day.

What would have happened, if there would be monopoly of a single baniyaan manufacturer- we wold have wasted many precious minutes of our life in searching our chaddi & baniyaan.

One of the solution to differentiate is to make a mark or small tattoo on all of your baniyaan, which will greatly help you and probably some one will say that "Ye to bada toing hai"

So go ahead chaps and make a mark.

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Aki said...

fantastic read!
you have done justice, both to the hostelers as well as the chaddi and baniyan marketers.
I really wonder where do you keep getting such ideas to write..
Looking for more..