Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Go Kiss the world! – By Subrato Bagchi
Some learnings.....

1. You are your deep driving desire
As is your desire, so is your will,
As is your will, so is your act,
As is your act, so is your destiny.

2. To get, you must first give.

3. Connect with people.

4. Life is constant Negotiation.

5. Its all in the mind.

6. Passion is what passion does.

7. Look beyond yourself.

8. Your frustration is the difference between your
ambition and your capability. Either improve
your capability or lower your ambition.
Do not sit there with the radioactivity turned inward.

9. Leaders must develop a mindset of abundance,
not scarcity, as they build their organizational

10. Focus on those issues that fall in the overlap of
your zone of concern and zone of influence.
concern without influence is of no use.

11. Pleasing your boss is not beneficial in long
run. Be considerate towards your juniors.

12. Too many people know what is wrong with the
the world. Their knowledge and intensity do not
matter. What matter is making a small but real

13. Money is important in life but not the source
of any lasting happiness.

14. My pain is only as large as my inability to see
pain elsewhere.

15. Real man say sorry. By saying sorry , you do
not become weak. You shorten the path from
head to the heart.

16. Self doubt is positive.

17. People who create great impact suffer from
moments of great soul-searching. In itself, it is a
good sign because from the depth of our self-doubt.

18. we learn to let go; from that emerges a conviction
and with it comes the capability to go kiss the world!

19. Power to receive – What matters is the capability to
catalyze what you have received.

20. Making it in life is not about making it big, but
about making it good.

21. Learn to forgive yourself.