Sunday, December 28, 2008

Infact its my story…

Just before 2 days I went to Galleria in hiranandani.

But Why?
Ans: My hungerness and toung drove me there.
There I ate 1 dabeli, which generally use to be good.

But why?

Because I love it and place was near to my college.
But this time it was having soooo much of Mirchiiii a.. aah!

How would u be able to eat it?
Ha ha I got inspired from girls, who can eat Golgappas full of mirchiii, in one go!
Alas! I was stupid that time to gallop complete Dabeli just in 4 go’s.

Then what happened?
Suddenly I heared a song in my mind “ Tujhe mirchi lagi to mein kya karu”
So I ordered a hot tea and finished it with in seconds.

Phir kya hua?
Gud question……..i thought
…..These are all the conversation that I had with the doctor, who ultimately,
after looking into my throat using some long and chopped kind of devices
told me that I have a throat infection….
Gr8…Ye to mujhe pahle se he pata tha..
He charged me Rs 200 and when I collected medicines from the nearest
medical store, bill was almost around Rs 300.
So a total loss of Rs 500 for a dabeli which was worth of only Rs 8.
That means 62.5 times that of Dabeli..
Now if someone will ask me..

Have u ever ate a dabeli worth Rs 500?
Ans will be…… Yeaah… Ye…aaahh.


~*wILd chILd*~ said...

Ha! nice one dude.. I dunno 'bout 500 ka dabeli.. this has happened to me.. i had a vada pav worth rs. 500 once..

mYsTiC said...

dude...shudnt have wasted 500buks on a doc.
Next time try out OLD MONK RUM with some warm water
Happy New Year

Aki said...

this is terrific dude! really creative!