Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Parliamentarians

" satyamev Jayate"

Salute to our politicians who are wasting millions of rupees by wasting time of parliament proceedings. However our respected speaker Mr. Somenath Chatterjee is doing a good job but it seems that if he will continue doing the same way, our parliamentarian may not choose him next time.
It’s a regular seen that some of MPs & MLAs shout unnecessarily and walk out – may be to enjoy !
However they can utilize that time to work for people of India.

Every member in the parliament gets Rs56000/mth apart from other benefits. Whenever it comes to rise in their salary, they all get united. Well everyone want hike in his salary so why not our MPs--- They are driving and representing our country yaar.

So what should we do
1. We can saw them live on TV and send them letters (Gandhi-giri style)
2. We can start voting, so that they will not be elected next time.
3. We can start an agitation to call back elected MPs & MLAs if they act irresponsibly.
4. We can stay numb as usual.

Forth option seems to be easiest one ------ We can choose it ?
Well if you ppl have some other nice ideas please tell and create awareness.

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