Sunday, February 22, 2009

TV Media

It is not a routine that I always crib about things but sometimes things irritates me so much that the only way to express my feeling is by writing. So here is the story of Indian news channels.

Today whole day I sat before TV and watched news in AAJ TAK, STAR, INDIA TV and Zee TV.
It was not the first time I sat to see these news channels. But ones again shat shat dandvrat pranam to INDIA TV. Wao their every news is “BREAKING NEWS”. They think they can make any nonsense breaking news. Just making mockery of the Journalism. This is not the only channel that creates news out of useless issues and extra coverage to those issues that will increase their TRPs.

News channels must act responsibly for the sake of common people and their life.
I am not telling that these news channel never do commanding job, they do when they give more coverage to the news like --- when Anti corruption dept. caught corrupt officials, when court found politicians guilty, when a mother gets justice… on.

I think in Indian media there are sufficient talented and capable people who can guide these channels to move on the path of morals and represent real face of India.

I don’t belong to any news channel and these are my personal views.


Nidhi said...

Looks like all other youngistan's you are pretty irritated with the shit shown by the Newz Channels all day long. But can we do anything about it ? Nooo
well v can certainly choose from what to c and what not to c ...

Hyping a newz is what we hate the most, but lets not forget how much these channels helped us during the floods or the terrorist attack even in IPL matches ...

so dude kuch pane ke liye kuch khona bhi padta hai .... :)

Neha.. said...

The Media shows what the masses wants to watch ... Coz thats what gives them profit...

Sadly Our journos havent yet realised what their real role is ... its just become another profir-making buiness...