Monday, March 2, 2009

Change The Rules

So it was the day one for me in HDFC, Mumbai as a summer intern and I picked my bike for the next 6 km, during the mean time my friend told me to bring all documents of bike but I told him that- don’t worry- no one is going to caught us!

Well I reached on time but in the evening, traffic police stopped me and the minimum fine for not having NOC was Rs2000 as i was not having anything except license. They told me that we stopped you because number on your bike is not MH (Maharashtra) and your are also not having NOC (No objection certificate) from the state you purchased bike.

They were very polite to me they gave me 2 offers after some discussion:
1. Either pay Rs 2000 as a fine or
2. Rs 300 as a fine.

Being a management student i thought its better to pay Rs 300, but I wasn’t aware that I unknowingly putting money in their pocket instead of governments – because they havn’t given me any Pawati( Receipt).

Then again I kicked my bike and just after a km another traffic police man caught me. Then irepeated the whole story that I have already paid Rs 300 then he asked me the location of the team and at last left me.
Then I came to know that my registration need to be change with the NOC and it will cost me around Rs 2500+.

In general a person may go to new state for studies, Job and for other purpose – And if he wants to drive his vehicle he has to pay Rs 2500 for new registration again and again. Sounds disgusting!

Why should I pay such huge amount every time I shift to a new state?
Government must go for amendments in rules.

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