Sunday, March 15, 2009

BEST is best

–“ Bombay Electricity supply and Transport”

It is really best, because

1. It carries around 450,000 passengers daily on more than 335 routes.

2. Total no. of BEST Buses in Mumbai is more than 3380.

3. Anyone can see n tell that it is the “BEST” bus by seeing its Red color.

4. I think it is one of the things made for common people.

5. Every child who comes to Mumbai has a wish to ride a double dekar bus – Its something, which is unavailable in rest of Indian roads.

6. Getting in to the bus is an Art, I have just learned, once u r in, its done.

7. In the bus you will find students, Working generation, old ppl, sometimes pretty girls hearing FM radio ,if u r lucky.

8. Nice fragrances of people standing beside you.haha….Please naha ke to aya karo bhai….

9. Some times u may also see fights between commuters .

10. But it inspires me to be strong to struggle, fight and win the battle of life.

So overall I can say when u enter the bus, u enters a different world.


Dream3er said...

yeah BEST is best .. even the A/C buses are awesome .. nice

itsakash4u said...

Hey Dreamer

I know it was late but thx.
Do read my blogs and critic if like.


armageddonsaviour said...

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