Sunday, March 8, 2009


Well living in hostel with friends and living in flat in a city like Mumbai is somewhat different.
We were 4 guys living together, with a common objective of doing MBA, Well we were all having 2-3 years of experience, so there was no problems initially in terms of financial expenses, as all of us was having small bank balance, but later problems increased.
whatever we were studying in MBA classes was implemented in day to day life. See how?

We studied:

Law - Formation of company, agreement so so n so.
Human resource management
Marketing & Branding
Operations management

Now the correlation with our lives

Branding – Branding of ourselves, as we made our unique image in between friends in college.
Operation management – Arranging furniture in flat, Deciding shortest route to college.
Human resource Management – Managing Khana banana wali Bai and each member of the flat.
Law – Legal issues at the time of formation of contract between us and owner of the flat.
IT – In booking movie and reservation tickets.
Finance – Pooling & Utilizing funds, Debts management, Inventory management, Working capital management including daily expenses.
Economics – Marginal utility of satisfaction in food.

So as a whole MBA is more than study – It gave us a insight to our lives.


gayathri-vishwanathan said...

hahaha this was fun. correlating MBA with our daily routine. HR one was the best...handling kaamwali bai...good one

CK said...

Hi Akash,

Thanks for visiting my blog !

Read your MBA post with interest. You may want to read "Managers not MBAs" by Henry Mintzberg, which offers great insights on the practice of management !


Rambler said...

Good post..Interesting co-relation between MBA and life with roomies