Sunday, April 5, 2009

Me – The Spiderman

It was one year old story.

When I was coming to Mumbai first time from Raigarh, because of some work.My train was at 2 am in night (It was the day just before holi), stoppage of the train was for only 2 mins, and I found both the doors closed in my coach, then i checked almost 7-8 coaches by running, but again all are closed and then train whistled. Itwas about to leave, now I told myself that I have to board the train at any cost. suddenly God showed me one way, I saw an emergency window open and jumped inside it like spiderman. On that window seat luckly no one was sleeping. Emergency window is made to save the people at the time of any problem to get out of the train but this time it helped me to get into the train. This is how i boarded the train and felt like spiderman.  

It was not less than a stunt, i dont know what forced me to do that but i did it.

So where there is a will there is a way.

And will is that force...that generates RESULTS.


~*wILd chILd*~ said...

Thats one reason why i never leave my coach in the middle of the journey when traveling by train.

itsakash4u said...

Hey wild child,
Even i think, its not a gud idea to leave coach in middle of the journey,but some times circumstances made us to do things like that.

Natalia said...

Excellent thinking and amazing agility for jumping into a train like that!

Vicky said...

aree boss sachi muchi kude thai kya??

itsakash4u said...

ha , hota hai , hota ye sab bhi karna padta hai.