Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Who needs HELP!

Now a days I am facing a problem and that is of some stray dogs in my society which was not so good with most of the people - they just bark bark and bark on anyone they found and can bite anyone some day for sure. Actually a Christian family lives in my society – I don’t want to tell the names.

The problem is not their fondness with dongs because they do have 3 expensive hybrid dogs in their home which they use for shooting purpose in movies and TV serials and at the same time they have 7-8 stray dogs in society (those who completely belong to them). I don’t understand why they don’t keep these stray dogs in their home if they like them so mush--- they are also dogs, what if not hybrid!

Why they don't keep stray dogs in their house, if they really love them so much?

Really they are very good to these stray dogs --- that’s nice but they don’t know how to behave with human beings. I have seen them scolding gate keeper and other society members without any reason – what an irony – Man hates man! This is one of the biggest problems of people living in my society. But this family is so arrogant that no one even likes to go and talk to them.

Who needs HELP - DOGs or HUMAN BEINGS ?

If you can suggest something you are welcome.


Nidhi said...

well... well .. this reminds me of an advertisement that used to come on the TV where Mainka Gandhi used to asks everyone to stop looking out for foreign breeds of dogs and start adopting stray dogs but that would never be possible here … u know apna janta is mad about foreign things and so the dogs.

I guess you neighbours are absolute animal lovers, genrally I find Christian people very humble, but yeh india hai boss kuch bol nahi sakta hai ….

Take care, keep writing I enjoy ur blogs …u are a carefree writer

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Human beings need more help than the canines yaar. I guess u r new to mumbai. Coz here we find more of dogs than human beings. Nothing is going to happen about the dogs. They are bound to stay, so what you can do is either a) get friendly with the dogs if you like them or b) stay as far as possible away from them.

CK said...

Hi Akash,

No wonder they say " dogs are so popular because they wag their tails and not their tongues !"