Thursday, April 30, 2009

Image Makeover of Politicians

Mr. Lalu

After accusations of scams like Fodder scam etc, Mr.Lalu Prasad Yadav made a transformation to his reputation by turning track of derailed Indian railway from loss to profit.

And positioned himself as miracle man, who can improve things.He initially gain popularity because of his way of talks and living style (Which haven’t changed till date) later he improved condition of Indian railway, which is used by lacs and crores of passengers daily. From availability of water, cleanliness of coaches to discounts to senior citizens, many things changed. In Bihar some companies like Prakash Agro Industry also sold fodder branded as ‘Lalu Pashu Ahaar’ and claimed to get good profit. One company also sold ‘Lalu khaini’ too.  

Media has a great role in the defaming and then faming him. He became so popular among Indian people that anyone can find lalu dolls, comics named ‘Lalu chale sasural ‘at various places.



Another politician, who seems to reposition himself, is Mr. Narendra Modi. He has assiduously sought to reinvent himself from scruffy mascot of Hindu nationalism to a decisive corporate-style administrator. Only a public centered politician can become CM thrice times in consecutive term. Now he is known a Modernizer of Vibrant Gujrat with proofs like sanctioning Govt. owned land to TATA NANO plant in Gujrat within 2 days. He is providing Red carpet welcome to investors with no red tape.

Well once again media helped him to improve his image a lot and now he is supposed to lead his party at national level and can be seen as PM candidate of India.  

To position themselves they targeted the mind of Indian voters. They are communicating, branding and promoting themselves to stand ahead of other politicians in this new era of Mediabolization. 

So a big hand of applause to them.



Whats in a Name said...

Well said friend...
media makes and breaks people.... be it politicians, actors, cricketers..... Media is the kinf

Neha.. said...

An Image of a person can change ... His roots can't ..

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

Excellent! i especially like Narendra Modi...from an extremist the man simply turned into an opportunist. I quite liked him.