Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PJs - A hard developed skill

PJs (aka Pakau Jokes)

Recently I developed the hobby of making PJs,  I don’t know how they became a part of my life, so  soon.

My roommate is fed up with that, some other friends too are victims of those ghastly / Unbearable PJs..

Recently I was chatting with my new friend on net and shared a PJ with her, instantly she told:” Do I suppose  to laugh on that?Akash

I just want to share one with you.

It was a Saturday when I and my one good friend were walking on the road, suddenly he fell down (I still don’t know how he fell down). Instantly I asked him Are u hurt/dard ho raha hai kya?

He replied”Chot lagegi to dard nahi hoga kya?”

Then I told him that you are not a”Mard

He replied- Oh really?

I told – “Kyuki mard ke dard nahi hota “(Maine nahi kaha Amitabh ne kaha hai)

And then there was an outburst of laugh (Only by me.)

I don’t know from where that PJ came to my mind but they usually come at any incident like

When we went to IIT for dinner, I saw The Menu board on which it was written




At the same time my roommate asked me – “What you want to have?

I told not any DOSA stuff because I don’t like Sada(Rotten) dosa, I like fresh n tasty dosa only, which is not available (Pointing towards the menu board)

And then he became yellow pale and frustrated, I was not having Digicam that moment; else I might have captured it.

And then I heard bla bla bla bhajan’s like --- Don’t say crap at open places else people will beat you and I will not save you and in addition you will not be able to patau any girl, or if you, then she will run away soon.

Just before a week or two one of my classmates cum friend intimidated me by telling me that as soon as I get a girlfriend or fiancé, she will tell her about my PJs and will give her a warning before marrying me.

After such shocking comments “I Was ShOcKeD!

I think no medicine was ever invented for this problem.

Then she asked me do you know where is “WESTSIDE” (Actually she wanted to buy a goggles from west side).

I replied politely; yup I know:

It is in west

She just said: "Bakwaas band kar" and went away…..


neha said...

nt bad .... Its good that u have realized that the Jokes that U crack are PJ's ... but actually they are P3J's :)

good one btw

DPhatsez said...

I once had a friend who cracked PJs...
God rest his soul!

Whats in a Name said...

Thanks for following our blogs...
We are obliged that a fellow PJ burster respects another...

A S said...


nice blog :)

PJs are sometimes capable enough to make u go crazy with laughter :)

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

where do i go and bang my head? huh? but nevertheless, they were good...hehehe!