Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mood swingers

Refreshed soul

Once, when I was waiting for my train at Jaipur railway station, I saw a couple who got down from their AC coach to buy some eatables and as soon as they bought it, train started creeping, they both saw each other and started running towards their coach. But that girl was near the train and struggling to catch the train, then the boy used his mind gave all eatables to her and caught the train’s door and then very smoothly and nicely gave his hand to his wife and took her inside.

I have seen such scenes in movies, but this time it was live.

Before this scene my mood was very gloom, but as it went on, I felt very relaxed and calm. It was a complete mood swinger event for me.

Before some days, when I was travelling towards andehri saw a school going girl, Her age might be around 10-12 years, she was standing near a Santro car and looking at her face in mirror like a film actress, seeming so innocent and careless about world. Made an impact on me…

Do you remember when you have been climbed a tree… might be in your childhood… I was watching a movies and seen a scene in which an actor/actress is climbing the tree and got stuck…that scene created a n intense urge in me to climb a tree and to be close to the nature and sitting still on the tree near a river or just imagine we all are in a bagicha of Aam and climbing trees, playing and enjoying without any tension. Isn’t it Amazing….

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