Monday, August 10, 2009


Swine flu is just 10 mt away from my college.
And 2 min walking distance from my flat.

Rumours are everywhere...but i think some ppl are
concerned while some are taking it in a casual way.

Generally students of our college use to go in
the canteen of Hiranandani Hospital.
simply because of good food.
But now a days --- No one least from our college.

Even i have become little psycho.... and feeling not to go
even near to the hospital and so is the case with college
(Some Prof. are really bore)

However CM has given caution note, not to be at crowded place.
But is it really possible?
Should i stop going college, walking on road, and eating at
canteen or restaurant.

Some students have started pranks..
what they were doing is putting Hanky on their mounth
and roaming all around in the collage and just shouting..

stay away stay away.......i have a swine flu...
well whatever...

Every semester we hear/feel/ tolerate/manage troubles----
Some times it is terrorist attack, flood and this time
Swine Flu!

At last i remember a dialogue from movie "Anand"

"Hum sab uparwale ki haath ki kathputli hai kab, kaun,
kaha aur kaise upar jayega kisi ko nahi pata."

Note:- Above view is not to cause any rumour,
hurt someone or create any threat. Swine flu is a pandemic and
we should fight it together and remain calm.


numerounity said...

You have a good outlook and expression of thoughts! way to go!

Renu said...

All I can say is that we must take precautions and leave the rest to God.

itsakash4u said...

@ Renu

Yes! Safety is better than cure!

Rush said...

yeah wat u said was right..staying calm and dealing with the situation is best...coz if u panic, ur subjecting urself to more harm than u can think of